DOM Diamant



The DOM Diamant system consists of 21 rotating steel discs and impresses with its quality and design. Complying with the highest of security requirements every single component from material through to the locking mechanism has been designed with quality and security in mind.

The DOM Diamant offers lock security class 6 and class 2 bore resistance in accordance with DIN EN1303 and is suitable for medium scale projects.

The DOM Diamant system is available both mastered and non-mastered.

Product Features

Disc technologyGrand Master Key SystemDouble EntryAnti Copy ProtectionRegistration CardDIN EN 1303 CertifiedAnti Pick TechnologyAnti Bump TechnologyAnti Drill ProtectionAvailable in Modular10 year warrantyAvailable in a selection of finishes


Security Type 3D
Active Locking Pinsn/a
Locking Elements6
Active Locking Discs21
Lock Authorisation Requests35
Minimum Effective Differs100,000
Patent / Trademark ProtectionNo
Registration CardYes
Anti-Pick ProtectionYes
Anti-Bump ProtectionYes
Anti-Drill ProtectionYes
Anti-Snap ProtectionOptional
Modular AvailableYes
Key MaterialStainless Steel
Available MasteredYes
Dealer ProfileNo
Included Number of Keys0
Key FinishSilver
Fixing ScrewIncluded


EN 1303:2005 CertifiedDescriptionGrades PossibleDetails
Category of UseRelated to frequency of use.Grade 1 - shall resist a torque of 2.5Nm and still be usable1
DurabilityDurability testing according to test cycles achieved."Grade 4 - 25,000 cycles
Grade 5 - 50,000 cycles
Grade 6 - 100,000 cycles"
Door Mass & Closing ForceNo requirementn/an/a
Fire ResistanceSuitable for use on fire/smoke doors according to fire testing BS EN1634-1."Grade 0 - not approved
Grade 1 - suitable for use on fire doors"
SafetyNo requirementn/an/a
Corrosion ResistanceCorrosion and temperature resistance testing to BS EN 1670Grades 0 to C offers the greatest corrosion resistance within -20°C to +80°CC
Key Related SecurityMeasures key related securityGrades 1 to 6 where grade 6 offers the greatest security6
Attack Resistance (optional extra?)Measures attack resistanceGrade 0, 1 or 2, where grade 2 offers the highest attack resistance2
VdS certification (optional extra?)
n/an/aVdS B classification

Technical Data

Lock & Key Technology

  • Each side of the lock has 21 rotating, independently operating segments on ball-bearings.
  • Rotating profile and coupling segments made from stainless steel.
  • 2 pre-stored revision discs.
  • 3 axially arranged locking rollers distributed around the periphery of the lock.
  • Positive fed locking function of the locking rollers across all profile segments
  • Highly resistant, solid cylinder housing made from stainless steel using MIM technology.
  • 1 axially arranged locking cylinder on thrust bearing, for positive locking when the key is removed.
  • Core-less lock in brass shell
  • Low wear and low maintenance
  • Key blade made from stainless steel
  • Ergonomically shaped key bow
  • Multi linear, three dimensional key profile, manufactured using the CNC process
  • 35 lock authorisation requests per key

Key Security

  • Grade 6
  • 100,000 Minimum number of effective differs
  • 6 Minimum number of movable levers, pins or discs.
  • No coding on key could disclosure combination
  • Torque resistance of plug fixed at 15Nm

 Attack Resistance

  • Grade 2
  • Resistance to drilling for 5 mins
  • Resistance to chisel attack (40 defined blows)
  • Resistance to twisting attack (30 defined twists)
  • Resistance to plug/cylinder extraction for 15kN