DOM ix 6SR

ix 6SR


The Patent Keeps Rolling

The DOM ix 6SR incorporates a floating roller element within the key. This patented technology provides a high level of key copy protection.

High Protection

Internal components such as locking bars, control pins and bearings are manufactured using high quality stainless steel, making the DOM ix 6 SR fully protected against unauthorised key copying and external attack. Built-in anti drill protection also comes as standard.

The extensive product range is also available in DOM modular and provides customers with all round flexibility and security. Learn More

The modular system offers a high amount of flexibility, enabling you to adapt all conventional and reversible key systems independently to the respective individual requirements.

Through the individual components which are always ready in your DOM installation kit you can immediately react to requests without any logistical efforts, thereby avoiding unnecessary waiting times.

The modular design provides an additional increase in the break-off values and length flexibility.

DOM Security Card

When ordering your ix 6SR locking system you will receive a unique identity card. This registration card is your security against unauthorised duplicate keys and must be presented to your DOM dealer in order to obtain replacements so you can feel secure and in control.
Your advantages

Your Advantages
  • The highest level of technical key copy protection. The moving element within the key prevents the creation of duplicate keys.
  • High protection against cylinder manipulation. The high number of locking authorisations (23) protects against modern methods of manipulation.
  • Long term patent protection

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Security Type Reversible
Active Locking Pins5
Locking Elements6
Active Locking Discsn/a
Lock Authorisation Requests21
Minimum Effective Differs100,000
Patent / Trademark ProtectionPatented until 2021
Registration CardYes
Anti-Pick ProtectionYes
Anti-Bump ProtectionYes
Anti-Drill ProtectionYes
Anti-Snap ProtectionOptional
Modular AvailableYes
Key MaterialNickel Silver
Available MasteredYes
Dealer ProfileYes
Included Number of Keys2
Key FinishSilver
Fixing ScrewIncluded


EN 1303:2005 CertifiedDescriptionGrades PossibleDetails
Category of UseRelated to frequency of use.Grade 1 - shall resist a torque of 2.5Nm and still be usable1
DurabilityDurability testing according to test cycles achieved."Grade 4 - 25,000 cycles
Grade 5 - 50,000 cycles
Grade 6 - 100,000 cycles"
Door Mass & Closing ForceNo requirementn/an/a
Fire ResistanceSuitable for use on fire/smoke doors according to fire testing BS EN1634-1."Grade 0 - not approved
Grade 1 - suitable for use on fire doors"
SafetyNo requirementn/an/a
Corrosion ResistanceCorrosion and temperature resistance testing to BS EN 1670Grades 0 to C offers the greatest corrosion resistance within -20°C to +80°CC
Key Related SecurityMeasures key related securityGrades 1 to 6 where grade 6 offers the greatest security6
Attack Resistance (optional extra?)Measures attack resistanceGrade 0, 1 or 2, where grade 2 offers the highest attack resistance2
VdS certification (optional extra?)