Anti-Tilt Systems


Anti-Tilt System

RONIS ULTRA-TRACK is a robust and efficient anti-tilt system for metal and wooden furniture, offering a high quality security locking solution with modular technology. ULTRA-TRACK is adaptable to any size up to 3 metres and any number of drawers up to 20. This system can be fitted onto the reverse or side of your product. It has been tested under the BIFMA standards and is protected by a European patent.

ULTRA-TRACK can be easily combined with the DOM-UK Ltd range of office furniture locks.

The NEW ZLF has been developed with the environment in mind – reducing its carbon footprint by 40%. Cutting component quantities in half compared to the existing BLF means the ZLF is lighter without compromising the strength of the product.


  • BLF maximum weight - 180kg
  • ZLF maximum weight - 130kg
  • The alternative opening of each drawer is guaranteed. It is impossible to open 2 drawers at the same time. This system prevents the cabinet falling forward
  • The RONIS locks fitted in this system ensure that all the drawers are locked simultaneously
  • Mounting the Anti-Tilt System on your furniture is simple and easy
  • The modular design gives many methods of applications
  • It's simplicity gets rid of accessories like counter weights
  • The Anti-Tilt Sytem is protected by American and European patents
  • The Anti-Tilt Sytem has been tested in a laboratory and is well over the BIFMA norms (USA), TUV.
  • The Anti-Tilt Sytem is a RONIS product which can be used for office and workshop furniture.
  • Anti-Tilt Sytem is equipped with a RONIS lock.

Ronis References:

  • 510 - BLF assembled
  • 515 - ZLF assembled
  • 519 - Unassembled

BLF Drawing


ZLF Drawing