ENiQ Handle Readers



ENiQ Guardian

The DOM ENiQ Handle Reader combined all the electronic features of the DOM ENiQ Pro into one fitting and added specific features such as the office function in different operating modes. The reader unit, functional parts, mechatronic elements and battery compartment are integrated in the exterior fitting allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

Locking authorisations are managed via the master card or DOM software solutions. The DOM ENiQ Guardian may also be connected to an online system when used in conjunction with a DOM ENiQ RF NetManager, allowing instant communication and management of up to 8 doors simultaneously. This way, events at a door are exchanged in real time.

Available with or without mechanical override.

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  • 13.56MHz Mifare technology
  • Management of up to 5,000 transponders with internal storage or unlimited transponders using DOM Software Solutions
  • Storage of up to 2,000 events
  • Battery lifetime of 40,000 locking cycles
  • Online option allowing instant communication & management
  • IP52 rated
  • Fire Rated to 30 minutes
  • Electronically controlled pivot mounted handle
  • Compatible with uPVC doors
  • Door thickness's supported: 34 - 114mm
  • Spindle thickness's supported: 7/8/8.5/9/10 mm
  • Available with mechanical override, supporting the following profiles:
  • PZ (55 / 70 / 72 / 78 / 85 / 88 / 90 / 92)
  • CH-round (74 / 78 / 94)
  • PRZ (74 / 78 / 94)


  • Office and administration buildings
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Hotels
  • Schools and universities
  • Shopping malls
  • Banks

Handle Versions

Round Return
Square Return
Round Cranked


Brushed Stainless Steel



NEW Easyflex Booklet

  • No software or online connection necessary (later conversion to software is possible at any time, however, if you expand your system)
  • Highest protection classes for the cylinder (tested to VdS BZ+ and SKG***, IP65, E-knobs IP66, T90)
  • Can be expanded at any time by further ENiQ® EasyFlex booklets (5 transponders each with appropriate transponder management keys) up to a total of 5,000 transponders
  • No follow-on costs (credits) and registration for authorisation actions
  • Illuminated ring for optical signalling
  • Combinations with mechanical DOM locking systems by means of the DOM ClipTag
  • Can also be used with the DOM ENiQ Pro & DOM ENiQ Wall Readers


Outside only

DOM Guardian Mifare Offline Outside Only

  • Replacement for the Outside Offline Unit

DOM Reference:


Outside only

DOM Guardian Mifare Online Outside Only

  • Replacement for the Outside Online Unit

DOM Reference:


inside only

DOM Guardian Mifare Inside Only

  • Replacement for the Inside Unit

DOM Reference:


drill tempalte

DOM Guardian Mifare Drilling Template

  • For the perfect installation.

DOM Reference:

  • 512862


DOM Guardian Mifare Battery

  • This battery is supplied pre-assembled.

DOM Reference:

  • 351942

DOM Guardian Mifare Starter Tool Set

  • Master/Programming Card, Hex Key and Battery Removal Tool.

DOM Reference:

  • 352138


DOM Guardian Mifare Installation Tool Set

  • Hex Key, Battery Removal Tool, Circlip Pliers and Drilling Template.

DOM Reference:

  • 512926


DOM Guardian Mifare Disassembly Tool

  • Handle removal tool.

DOM Reference:

  • 512925


DOM Guardian Mifare Renovation Plate

  • Replacement renovation plate.

DOM Reference:

  • 512923 117


DOM Guardian Mifare Battery Tool

  • Battery removal.

DOM Reference:

  • 512604