ENiQ Digital Cylinders



ENiQ Digital Cylinders

Open your world with ENiQ! NEW Easyflex Kit available!

The ENiQ Mifare Digital cylinder is a mechatronic knob cylinder which can be installed in almost all doors. Whether in a new building or for retrofitting existing doors, the ENiQ cylinder can be installed without wiring. Within just a few minutes, an existing mechanical locking system can be replaced with ENiQ electronic access control.

The ENiQ Digital Cylinder has everything as standard. It has IP65 protection against water and dust and is also fire resistant to 90 minutes. The ENiQ cylinder also fulfils the highest safety standards - it was awarded with security class "BZ+" by Germany's Association of Property Insurers (VdS) for its high resistance against mechanical and electronic tampering. It is also SKG 3 Star certified.

Locking authorisations are managed via the master card or the ENiQ Access Management platform. The ENiQ cylinder is also online ready allowing easy connection to the software when used in conjunction with a DOM RF Net Manager Mifare, allowing instant communication and management.

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Plug & Play

Plug & Play!

You are unique and so is ENiQ. You'll notice this even during installation. Old cylinder out, ENiQ in. It's that simple. Are you getting a new door or do you have to move with ENiQ? ENiQ's length can be easily adapted to any door leaf thickness. This plug & play technology provides you will full flexibility.

Bespoke service: The plug & play kit

The advantage for dealers: waiting on an order is finally a thing of the past. ENiQ can be customised simply and "just-in-time". The plug & play service kit provides numerous versions of the ENiQ cylinder body. Thus you'll always have the right solution at hand.



  • 13.56mHz Mifare technology
  • Battery lifetime of up to 100,000 cycles
  • Management of up to 5,000 transponders with internal storage or unlimited transponders using DOM Software Solutions
  • Storage of up to 2,000 events
  • IP65 protection against water and dust
  • Fire rated to 90 minutes
  • Best in class security with VdS BZ+ & SKG *** security certification
  • Online ready
  • Retaining grub screw allows easy installation of the thumbturn
  • Battery is housed on the exterior allowing easy maintenance
  • Support for a variety of lengths including glass doors


Available in both Euro and Swiss profiles.



The inner knob can always be turned. The reader knob containing electronics on the outside is unlocked using the transponder and provides access. Dimensions: from 30 / 30 mm.


Double-knob cylinder for glass doors

Has the same features as the standard double-knob cylinder but is designed specifically for glass doors. The robust stainless steel design gives the stylish transparent glass doors added visual appeal.
Dimensions: from 10 / 27,5 mm.


Half Cylinder

Suitable for key switches, gates, distribution boxes and inspection openings. Dimensions: from 30 mm.


Short-Long Cylinder

For installation in a standard folding door with a door thickness of 40 mm. Dimensions: from 27,5 / 35 mm.


Cylinder with reader on both sides

Both the inner and the outer knob rotate freely and identification using a transponder is required to open or close the door on both sides. By assigning different authorizations to access from the inside and access from the outside, people can be guided through a building in a targeted manner.


Cylinder without Inner Knob


Cylinder with Padlock






NEW Easyflex Booklet

  • No software or online connection necessary (later conversion to software is possible at any time, however, if you expand your system)
  • Highest protection classes for the cylinder (tested to VdS BZ+ and SKG***, IP65, E-knobs IP66, T90)
  • Can be expanded at any time by further ENiQ® EasyFlex booklets (5 transponders each with appropriate transponder management keys) up to a total of 5,000 transponders
  • No follow-on costs (credits) and registration for authorisation actions
  • Illuminated ring for optical signalling
  • Combinations with mechanical DOM locking systems by means of the DOM ClipTag
  • Can also be used with the DOM ENiQ Guardian & DOM ENiQ Wall Readers