ELS Product Range


DOM ELS works with the widely used 125 kHz Hitag systems (1, 2, S) and EM.

The transponders have a reading range of between a few centimetres and one metre. Media as ISO format cards (plastic cards) as key fobs or arm bands are commonly used. With the DOM ELS Pro (Electronic Locking System) electronic access control system, you can individually control who is allowed to open and lock what areas of a building, and when.

Individual adjustment to every single facility, and every facility user can be used with different types of devices - such as the Access Manager ELS wall reader unit, the Protector ® ELS mechatronic knob cylinder, or the Guardian® ELS electronic door fitting.

All DOM ELS Pro system components are configured for the desired operating mode and can be combined in the same facility with other RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) applications via the shared 125 kHz transponder standard.